“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”

— Confucius

Where To Eat in Edmonton

Looking for a local’s foodie guide to Edmonton? Look no further! This list is based off of experience from people who live in Edmonton or surrounding areas. There is so many great local restaurants. Edmonton’s food scene is unbeatable. How many have you been too?

How To Save Money While Traveling

Looking for ways to save money while you re traveling? Look no further then this guide! It can be very easy to spend more then what you had budgeted for and to put yourself in debt! These small tips are easy to incorporate and you will not miss a thing!

Sailing the Whitsundays

Are you looking to visit one of the best beaches in the world? Look no further than setting sail on the Whitsundays to Whitehaven beach. Explore our itinerary 2 day/2 night tour of snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin watching, and swimming in one of the most beautiful places on earth

A Day Trip to Moreton Island

Looking for a perfect Australian getaway to the third largest sand island in the world? Want to experience snorkeling, kayaking, and sand boarding all in one day!? Look no further then this post!

Why Traveling Can Be For Anyone

Tired of being bombarded by social media travel posts on places that you may never get to go too? Click to read why travel can be for anyone. We need to change our mindset on what it means to take a holiday and enjoy it. Without comparing our trip to someone else’s trip.

The Best of the Sunshine Coast

Looking for the best things to do on the Sunshine Coast? Read this post to see what my five must-see places to go! Whether you want to hike, sit on the beach, or go for surfing lessons there is something for everyone!

Kondalilla Waterfall Hike

Looking for the best hike in the Sunshine Coast? Want to swim in rock pools and catch some views of beautiful waterfalls? Look no further then the Koondalilla National Park! An easy circuit hike that is easily accessible and good for a lot of activity levels. Go where the local Australians go!

Ecotourism; How To Be A Better Traveler

Looking on how to become a better traveler? In this post I go through what it takes to be a ecotourist. I will teach you that it is easy to start becoming a tourist that will help reserve landmarks and cultures for years to come

Eco-Friendly Travel Product Ideas

Looking to change how you travel? Eco tourism is one of the fastest growing changes happening right now. I have compiled a list on eco-friendly travel product ideas to help you make some changes in the way you travel to hopefully help support traveling that is more green and sustainable!


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