Kondalilla Waterfall Hike

The Kondalilla waterfalls circuit is mentioned in numerous places as one of the most spectacular fall hikes of the Sunshine Coast! Nestled within Kondalilla National park, the hike is easily accessible and offers some spectacular views! Be prepared to see rainforests, rock pools, and of course, the Kondalilla falls. Did you know Kondalilla means’ rushing water’? When we went to Australia in March 2019, this was one of our first ever Australian hikes, and it was probably our favorite.

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The hike itself is a 4.7 km round-trip, so it can easily be done in about 2-3 hours, even though you will be stopping for lots of photos and a quick swim in the rock pool. There is so much to see and do in the Sunshine Coast, but it is easier to have a vehicle as there is lots of driving involved, especially in smaller less-known areas. Kondililla National Park is a short drive from a charming little town called Montville. Make sure to stop for some local shopping and ice cream!

The park is free to enter. There is a car park, bathrooms, and picnic area initially, but there are no services otherwise available. Remember to bring food, water, bug spray, and sunscreen!

Once you descend onto the trail from the car park, you will soon be met by the Picnic Creek falls. Just a small teaser for what you will see.

Continue down the path, and soon you will be greeted by a large rock pool, with another small waterfall. Here you will notice many locals cooling off from the heat by swimming and jumping off the rocks’ edge. It is recommended that you bring swimming gear, but we just went in our underwear, and all was good! The water is a little murky, and I kept imagining that I would get bit by some water snake, but we were fine and still had lots of fun! Thankfully because of the Australian heat, you dry off fast afterward.

Once you finish in the rock pool, you will come upon a lovely lookout point. From here, you can see the lush rainforest down below.

After the lookout, you will finally reach the falls. The lookout is a little way from the falls, but they are still absolutely breathtaking.

And then you finish the loop while being surrounded by the rainforest; make sure to smell the eucalyptus trees. Keep an eye out for local wildlife!  The loop eventually leads back to the original path that you came in on. I have attached a map photo of the hike below for your convenience. Let me know how you find the hike!

8 thoughts on “Kondalilla Waterfall Hike

  1. This hike looks like so much fun! Last time I was in Australia we went during their cold season so we didn’t dare get in any of the falls we hiked to. I will definitely have to go back to explore again and take some dips in the water.

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