That Time of Year Again

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As soon as Christmas comes and goes, there always seems to be a very automatic shift into, “How is the next year going to be better?”. We, as humans, are continuously on the hunt for ways to better ourselves. Next year I will go to the gym more, eat better, get organized, save more money, and the list goes on. January rolls around, and you seem to push yourself to start achieving those goals, but those goals start to diminish somewhere along the way. The next year rolls around, and soon you are setting those same old goals again.

Hear me out because I do not mean to sound so negative. If those are indeed your goals, then I hope all the best for you. If you find yourself stuck and overwhelmed with your goal, how can you make it more achievable? For example, I want to exercise twice per week, I will have fruits/veggies with every meal, or I will set away $10.00 from every paycheque into savings.

A couple of years ago, I began to realize that New Year’s resolutions just were not for me. I never followed thru with them, and it left me defeated at the end of the year because I did not accomplish what I felt like I needed. So instead of the typical things, I set a goal to take more pictures. Especially of my loved ones and the activities I was doing with them. What did I want to remember? That I lost weight one year or have a collection of pictures to look back on?

I was never one for picture taking, but at the end of the year, I had an album full of memories. To this day, I am still always striving to take more pictures, and I think that has genuinely helped me with starting a travel blog. There is nothing wrong with having a goal for the year, do whatever truly makes you happy! There is no pressure to have the best goals.

A couple of days ago, as I was scrolling Facebook, one of my old colleagues had posted a status about what you are grateful for in 2020. Gratitude is an easy but essential event we can practice each day. There has been a lot of negativity around 2020, but there is always something we can be grateful for. If you read one of my first blog posts, “My Experience of Moving to the U.K. During a Pandemic,” you know that it was not an easy journey.

Most of my gratefulness has come from that journey this year. I am grateful that we got two extra months to spend with our family before we left. I am grateful that we could learn to adapt and change, and that not all change is bad. Some days it is challenging to be grateful when the world feels so against you. Nevertheless, once you start realizing that gratitude is so much stronger, it starts to change your perspective on life.

I challenge you, blog readers, to practice more gratitude this year. Incorporate it more in your life. You do not have to journal or stand in front of the mirror and say three things you are grateful for every day; you can just try to be more aware of it in your life. Of course, you can do any of those things above, but it is not a very feasible option for most of us. Watch how gratitude can change your mindset over time. Remember that it is not a competition for who can set the best goals for the year or even the number of things you accomplished. Do what brings you the most joy and happiness all throughout the year.

I wish everyone the best in the New Year. Stay safe and healthy!

“May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions” – Joey Adams

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