5 Tips On How To Survive Quarantine With Your Significant Other

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5. Be respectful of each other’s space

No matter how big your living arrangements are, the walls can feel like they are closing in on you when you have been cooped up for an extended period of time. When you have someone else in an already small space, it can feel like too much some days. This is why it is vital to give your partner space and ask for the space you need. A few hours here and there can be incredibly beneficial to the health of the relationship. My husband often worked in our flat’s bedroom while I did my own thing in the living room. We would eat meals together and watch T.V. in the evening, but we still had the time that we felt like was our own. Have some activities that are something you enjoy doing by yourself. For me, I like to crochet, so I made sure I had some hooks and yarn. I learned how to make a cute baby hat from YouTube, which was one of my projects.

4. Have activities that you can do together

Quarantine can be a great time to reconnect with your spouse. Activities that you can do together can help pass the time more quickly, especially if you only watch Netflix. What are your hobbies and interests? What will you both enjoy together? Some options you could consider are;

  • Puzzles
  • Card games
  • Work out together
  • Play video games
  • Board games
  • Do a hobby together
  • Get to know your spouse better
  • Cook together

3. Share household responsibilities

When you find yourself in the house all of the time, it can feel like there is a never-ending pile of dishes and meals to be cooked. There is nothing worst for a relationship than not sharing the house duties. If the responsibility falls on only one person in the house, it can cause resentment and fights. If you are that person whom the responsibility is falling on, ask for help, and more participation from your partner. It is better to do this before a fight happens because you are frustrated and upset. If you are reading this and have not washed a dish or picked up your dirty laundry in a week, get off your butt, and help out your partner. Some partners may have a relationship where they have an understanding of who does what, but things can always change. After all, quarantine is a whole new ballpark for some people. Sit down and discuss what tasks need to be completed and how to split them up to help satisfy both partners.

2. Talk with family and friends

It can get quite lonely during quarantine, even if you have someone else in your household. We start to miss coffee dates, visits with our elders, hugs, and routine human-to-human interaction. My husband and I felt this even more because our quarantine was in a foreign country where we knew no one. Face time with our families helped keep us feeling connected and helped to pass the time. Even snap chatting with friends helped us to feel a little better. In a world full of technology, there are so many ways to be connected with people you love.

1. Find ways to be kind to each other

It can be very easy to start to take your partner for granted during a quarantine. There are no grand gestures of taking them out for supper, giving them flowers, or getting them an extravagant gift to help smooth things over. Emotions are probably running high due to the stress of a pandemic, and some may have lost jobs. If you are worried about funds or looking for something to do, remember that being kind is free. Listen to your partner, apologize when you are being unkind, learn how to forgive, discuss your future goals, and check-in on their mental well-being. It might also be an excellent time to assess how you are coping with everything going on and figuring out if you need new coping strategies in your own life. You will have to make the conscious decision to switch your strategies that involve going out to ones that involve staying in.

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